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Sura Academy

Sura Academy founded by Ray del Sole follows universal teachings, for a mystical, holistic spiritual training which follows the laws of creation, thus being a well-balanced and safe training system.
The academy is dedicated to Divine virtues such as Divine Wisdom, Love, Power and Service.

Ray del Sole has dedicated his whole life completely to the spiritual path. He has investigated and studied an eclectic range of knowledge and wisdom to aid him in a holistic understanding of God, man, and creation. Ranging from architecture, management, eco-biology, business, hypnotherapy, past-life therapy, Pranic Healing, etc. He is currently working as a psychotherapist and coach. Together this knowledge has brought about a holistic and efficient training conception. Besides his normal studies he has been working in the core training of Master Franz Bardon (Arion) for more than two decades. He deepest desire is to support others on their own journey in a lawful, efficient, and balanced way, as a brother on the path.

About Sura Academy

The training concept is holistic, lawful, according to the principles of creation, well-balanced, transparent, well-explained, and good to follow. It is neutral and universal. So it fits everyone, independent of their religious or cultural background. There are core exercises and optional lessons. The training has its focus on the practice with real, personal, experiences, but it also provides the useful basics of theory. All information for making good individual decisions with respect to exercises and lessons is provided.
So the student knows what he is doing and what aims the single exercises have. A major focus is set on the cleaning, healing, and refinement of the personality, as this in general is the major challenge on the path (and not the training of abilities, etc.). This means that the student gets support in the dissolving and healing of personal blockades and karma for better progress.
The platform provides lessons and guided meditations, as well as webinars and videos, on the basis of a logical system of development. A forum allows for discussion of topics and experiences. According to his needs and level of personal development, the student can choose his exercises as they feel right to him. Spiritual workshops are offered in the German-speaking countries, in London, in the USA, and in general anywhere where enough participants can be gathered. The spiritual teachings also include the main aspects of life for more balance, happiness, and success everywhere.

Is this the right place for me?

Everyone is welcome if a real spiritual attitude and the motivation for spiritual training are given. The student can organise his training in an individual and self-responsible way. He will receive as much support as possible and has the option to share his experiences and questions with other students. There are no obligations towards the school, so the student can leave the training whenever he wants to. Personal freedom is respected as a holy birthright. The only requirements are a positive, respectful, spiritual behaviour in the school and the willingness to learn and to grow. The great opportunity of the school is to experience real friendship on an international basis and to grow together on the long and fascinating spiritual journey. True spirituality is based on love and compassion, and it comes along with joy and happiness. So this unique opportunity should be taken by every student. There is nothing more precious than true spiritual friendship and brotherhood.

What can you expect?

In our spiritual training we are dedicated to the absolute truth—the absolute reality which is beyond the relative, filtered understanding of humans and personal projections. The absolute reality shows up in the form of logical principles and the laws of nature. The knowledge of them, including their application, is called wisdom.
The more you are able to understand and use the keys of wisdom, the more you are able to understand the absolute reality of God, creation, and the human being. On the other hand it is absolutely necessary that you question EVERYTHING. The student has to undergo a process of cleaning, healing, and refining of his whole mental and emotional conditioning. This is a major part of the rise of the phoenix.

In this process, he has to understand the function of his psychological filters of perception and the projections of his ego. The student has to go beyond these limitations to be ready to receive higher insights and a deeper understanding of the absolute truth. This means, among other things, that every student has to make his own experiences by empirical research—by doing his training and by comparing and matching his experiences with those of other students, especially those who are advanced.

By the use of the keys of wisdom, he must be able to explain his experiences and results. In the end, this means that all teachings are based on research, the research is a permanent process, and we have to maintain hygiene in knowledge. We have to focus on a very high level of quality and a conscious reduction of theory in quantity. Today we witness huge amounts of information that are growing permanently while the quality or usefulness is decreasing.

We have countless so-called spiritual teachings, training systems, philosophies, etc., but in fac,t we have to focus ourselves on the highest knowledge, the peak of the pyramid (unity, simplicity) and not on its basement (diversity, complexity).Like the Zen Master says “The cup must be clean and empty to receive the finest tea.”

What are the teachings based on?

The teachings are based on the works of Master Arion (Franz Bardon) which follows the symbolic system of initiation that was also used in old Egypt. Although it is lawful and has a universal character, it is limited to the single symbolic steps of development and it has a focus on willpower and mastery. In our spiritual training, we orientate on these universal teachings but we don´t limit ourselves to the symbolic steps of initiation. Our system is dedicated to wisdom and the whole training is derived from this principle. We also have a holistic focus on all four major aspects within this development. Mastery and will are the first aspect, wisdom and knowledge, are a second aspect. Thirdly are love and compassion. The fourth aspect being selfless service and good deeds. Here we connect to the old path of Maha Yoga. Further on, all useful knowledge of psychology, psychotherapy, management, etc., will be integrated to create the best efficient training results. A high degree of efficiency and the principle of wisdom are main aspects of the training concept.

What is different from other spiritual training opportunities?

There are core spiritual teachings that have a universal nature. This core is the source of all spiritual traditions. It is based on the universal laws of creation and so it offers a well-balanced and complete form of spiritual education. Single exercises and teachings can be found in all spiritual traditions, and also in religious teachings, but only in the core are they most balanced and complete. The old Maha Yoga was one expression of these core teachings. In our days the spiritual Master Arion (Franz Bardon) has unveiled these teachings in a very compact and pure way without any traditional or cultural background. It is the direct path to the complete unfolding of your higher nature and the total understanding of all the mysteries of God, the human being, and creation.

Some frequently asked questions

  1. In terms of holistic training could you please describe a bit more what this entails?

Holistic means to pay respect to all laws of creation and with this to the totality of the human being. When all aspects are regarded, then the progress is safe and the student can unfold his higher nature in an efficient and well-balanced way. We also cover all topics which are important for mastery in life as spiritual growth should include this. The training itself consists of two main aspects, – the metaphysical part of own training and the mystical part of cleaning, healing and refinement. Both go hand in hand as this is the lawful and right way. Additionally, we support the student with regular sessions where a supply of high spiritual energies is offered. These mystical sessions serve the cleaning, healing, refinement and spiritual empowerment of the student for even faster and safer progress. A more holistic training is not imaginable and it only depends on the student how far he wants to develop himself.
  1. Do you offer counselling for past life traumas?

I offer spiritual healing, holistic coaching and psychotherapeutic consulting for each student, including homoeopathic treatments. On this basis, we can dissolve all kinds of problems, traumas and imbalances which normally are the biggest obstacles on the path.
  1. How will I know when I have completed each step in Bardon´s IIH?

It is a great advantage of our Sura Academy that no one has to study on his own but that we all enjoy a wonderful company of brothers and sisters walking the path together. Due to this, we can share experiences and check if all necessary experiences have been accomplished to be sure that a step is really completed. All exercises are well-explained and the hidden aims are shown. Supportive exercises, as well as preliminary exercises are offered. So every student can make progress in a smart and efficient way by using the whole range of knowledge and experiences from the older brothers on the path.
  1. Is there a fixed curriculum?

Bardon´s system offers a step by step training from zero to ten. It is an ideal construct. In reality, all students have different levels of progress and so they start their training at an individual milestone and not necessarily at zero. We pay respect to this and so every student can start there where it is good and right for him. Independent from this, the whole training and development is like a temple where you start with the construction of the fundaments, then the walls before starting to build the roof. Without good fundaments, you cannot build strong walls and certainly not the roof. And starting with the roof makes no sense. So certain steps or milestones on the path have to be regarded. On the other hand, all teachings are transparent and open to be studied by beginners. There is nothing kept secret.
  1. Is there a difference between Bardon´s system of training and the Sura Academy?

Bardon presents the universal core of spiritual training. Due to simple technical limitations and limitations in time and effort, he had to limit his work to the absolute minimum of theory and practice. Under better life conditions, he could have published many more and really big books with further explanations and more exercises. Additionally, he has limited his work to the revelation of the first four Tarot Cards which deal with a specific topic and certain limitations corresponding with the maturity of the student. So for example, you cannot expect a higher step of initiation into the mysteries of creation when you are a beginner of the first Tarot Card. The so-called Tarot Cards are symbols of the universal initiation system and are only profaned by the card game. And as every serious student experiences – there is a big need for further studies to really understand what Bardon is talking about, also to be able to understand the value of Bardon´s work and further on to be able to make good progress. For this reason, the Sura Academy offers   Bardon’s teachings as the core and complements this core with additional teachings from psychology, management, psychotherapy, coaching, mysticism and useful teachings from religions and spiritual traditions, etc. A prospective master of life, a real adept must know everything which is of real importance and in our Academy, we focus on an efficient, smart and save training.
  1. I am just looking at developing myself can I still join?

Everyone can join who is interested in developing his human potential to a natural-lawful maximum. Any kind of beliefs are not required. It just makes sense to be open for development and new experiences of higher realities. We do not serve any dogmas but we learn about the laws of nature and work with respect to them.
  1. I just want to practice and go through the teachings but do not feel the need to discuss my progress with other students is it possible for me to do this?

No one is forced to anything. In general, it makes sense to follow one´s own higher intuition, to make own experiences and to see what is useful and what not. We are all individuals. Certainly, it makes also sense to take all available support and all the good what is offered in the Academy. Brotherhood and international friendship are very precious and offer wonderful experiences.
  1. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I find it difficult to get motivated can studying here help me?

As the old mystics say “Clearing, Healing and Refinement!” are main aspects of the spiritual training and development. So first of al,l it makes much sense to dissolve all kinds of imbalances and disorders, including such things like fears and depressions, to be free for real progress and real success. We deal with such imbalances in a professional way as I have a background in psychotherapy and as a spiritual healer. So in conclusion, healing comes first and then the development can unfold in a nice way. Besides this, many spiritual people suffer from problems as the atheistic-materialistic time we live in is quite unhealthy for mature souls.
  1. Do I need to follow a specific routine?

There are recommendations for the training as well as for main aspects of life on the basis of wisdom and experience. When you follow certain routines or suggestions, then certain beneficial results can be expected. In general, it is left to the student how he realises his training as he must learn to develop a good degree of self-responsibility for real mastery. So the student can ask for suggestions respectively can follow the given instructions and then he can expect good results or he ignores them and maybe has to cope with unsatisfying problems. Responsibility, as well as a good understanding of theory and practice are the basis for successful training. Every student receives individual suggestions for his needs and aims.
  1. How much contact does the student have with the teacher?

As we have an own platform for communication, I as the teacher, as well as all students are always available to answer questions or to share experiences. We have also advanced students who can give support. In general I give as much support as needed, certainly in relation to the needs of all my students. Some have more problems or questions while others have less. Besides the communication in chats and emails, we will have webinars and online-meetings. For 2017, we are planning a first great meeting of our members in Frankfurt, Germany.


Student Testimonials

Testimony 1 

“Ray Del Sole is a wonderful source of inspiration and advice, and I have found his personal teachings, and that of the ‘Sura Academy’, support my own development and progression with meditation and the Hermetic teachings of Franz Bardon. I am very grateful to have found, and to be a part of, the growing Sura Academy whose members are some of the most genuine, helpful and spiritual-minded people you could meet.” A. B.

Testimony 2

“Sura Academy is the Ray of hope for the people who seek truth and who wish to serve Divine Providence with love. Ray del sole,  is the one who introduced me a whole new world, which is full of love, hope, faith and beyond any illusion. His hermetic teachings of Franz Bardon, healing sessions, meditation techniques have had a great positive impact on me. His loyalty and dedication towards this work, has encouraged me to work hard.  He is an inspiration to me.  I am glad to know him, to be with him in this Journey and to be a part of this wonderful family, which is strongly bonded with love – The Sura Academy.  I am very grateful to Ray, for everything he is doing for this world. Love and peace.”  SapnaLee Parahim Chetia.
Testimony 3
“I am happy to share my experience at Sura Academy – it has been a true mystical and Divine blessing. There are countless paths one might take for their spiritual development. The Sura Academy teachings provide the distilled wisdom and essence of those paths for practical use and personal training. It is an exceptional opportunity to be a part of an international spiritual fellowship and to receive enlightenment and support from Ray and other spiritual souls. Ray is truly professional and attentive to all the students and the school’s needs and wishes. There is always a high degree of interaction, love, and support that is available so that each individual may flourish in life and in their development. It is simply powerful to experience such a positive progress in life and in self-mastery.” Brian R., USA.

Testimony 4 

“The truth is that there are people who speak from their initiation into Hermetics, but none of them answered my questions. I chose Ray del Sole because I’ve felt that he has that goodness, patience and because he not only answered my questions, but he guided me with wisdom and a great dedication. It is wise to be near a man who shares his wisdom, friendship and love. Thank you, brother and Master!” Victor C., Romania.

Testimony 5

 “Sura is truly a gift and a blessing for every honest soul on the spiritual journey. For all of us, Ray is a master and brother on the path, and we enjoy wonderful times of growth, enrichment and friendship altogether. To every true spiritual seeker, to every genuine spiritual person, to everyone who desires to enjoy the treasures of spiritual growth and spiritual friendship, I highly recommend not to hesitate in joining us, as being a part of the Academy is for sure one of the most beautiful and holy experiences a human being can make, and also for me has been so. The teachings of Master Arion and Ray del Sole in Sura have enlightened my life, and I am grateful to them for their service, for the light and the hope they give to this world.” Emanuele, Italy.

Testimony 6

“I began studying and working on Bardon’s path of initiation many years ago. My progress was slow. I first encountered Ray through his books, which helped me immensely. When I got to know Ray personally, before SURA Academy started, he was most gracious in giving freely of his time and energy to help me progress on the path. Then, participating in a vital energy (Pranayama) workshop with Ray when he was in the United States helped my progress by leaps and bounds. I count it a high privilege and supreme blessing of Divine Providence to have found Ray as my teacher, and to be a student in SURA Academy. No single person has helped me advance in hermetics as much as Ray has! Ray is the “real deal” as they say! True spiritual seekers will find in Ray and the SURA Academy the divine guidance and assistance on the path that they have been seeking for so long!”- Marc, U.S.A.

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