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An Introduction: Stories of Magic & Enchantment by William R. Mistele

(Illustration by Rostik Balash 2017 )

 Please enjoy an introduction to Stories of Magic & Enchantment, by William R. Mistele

 This book is called Stories of Magic & Enchantment. Magic is science that operates according to laws we have not yet discovered. And enchantment occurs naturally when you refine and intensify pleasure converting it into bliss, ecstasy, and perhaps a little rapture. In such a state, the soul is free to dream any dream.
In three stories, a farmer named Jack Allen knows quite well that one of life’s greatest secrets is that she is full of surprises. My job is to deliver to you stories about wonder and beauty lurking at the edge of your life that look forward to making your acquaintance.


This book is a compilation of stories which have been compartmentalized into six parts, namely Dreams, the Mythical Land of Atlantis, Creation, Science Fiction, Children’s Stories and finally Celestial Bureaucracy.


The first part, ‘Dreams,’ explores the nature of dreams and delves into the mysteries and power that lies within.

The characters in theses stories receive the gift of sight, prophecy, the power of dreams to restore love, gaining skills, lucid dreaming—the meeting of beings, and finally the receiving of the mysterious teachings.

These stories offer a wonderful insight into this realm and nature of reality including the mysteries awaiting there.

We begin with a story about a prisoner who dreams others’ dreams at night. Persuading a warden to release him from jail is one of his accomplishments. In another story we encounter a knight who imagines he has died, but a young woman convinces him that the line between life and death is not so easily defined. In other stories, a farmer named Jack Allen meets sylphs, air spirits, who have taken on the form of young women. You can decide for yourself if it is worth their bother to come down from the sky to meet this farmer. A sailor regains the love he lost, through the power of dreams and an aircraft carrier commander encounters a mermaid on the high seas. There is a tour of a temple of Saturn in ancient Rome. And there is a man who discovers he sees life more clearly now that he is dead and gone. And here is another story of a knight who encounters a mermaid. This knight has a gift for reading people. But it turns out his real gift is seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity when it presents itself.

There is also a story of a mob boss who travels to Bali to speak with a modern day Oracle of Delphi. We also come across a story of a Tibetan lama practices who practices meditation, due to this practice it enables him to have the necessary skill to survive a vicious attack from an evil sorcerer. And there is a natural born peacemaker whose reputation for creating harmony drives bad men crazy.


In Part II, we find stories of those who encounter Buddha encounters on his walkabout. You will note Buddha has more than just an enlightened mind. And a story about two Magi who try to balance the teachings of East and West.

A young man discovers that his life has been designed by a computer game that is now offering him upgrades. Another man takes a ride on a time machine into the future to find at last what grants him happiness.

A child asks his father to initiate him into the mysteries so he can make the transition from being a child to being a man. You can determine for yourself which of the two has more wisdom. Another man has a dialogue with a mysterious being who helps him understand his obsession with women. And our farmer, Jack Allen, begins having lucid dreams in which a woman comes to him who embodies five elemental powers of nature.


In Part III, we encounter stories about the mythical land of Atlantis. There is an Ancient Order of Women who have found their own magical remedy, filled with love and beauty, for dealing with aggressive male energy. Here too we find a story in which an archdemon explains to a young man the nature of reality and the different satisfactions that accompany demonic transactions. A young woman appears unexpectedly to sweeten an offer.

And we meet a man, who like King Solomon, God grants him any wish he requests. Let’s drop in when he meets his true love for the first time in an unusual encounter in a garden. And just before Atlantis, there is a magical kingdom where a spellbinding dance embodies the highest mystery.


In a fourth section, I share my own version of creation. And with creation, there are tasks with high levels of difficulties that angels must accomplish. Some problems are so great a council of angels convenes to solicit suggestions from the Creator. Every wonder if there is a secret meaning hidden within the blue sky of day and the indigo sky at night, the ocean, the mountains and forests, and the void where the stars shine? Sometimes even the greatest of angels need to be reminded of the original purposes of creation.

Then there is a story in two parts of an angel who is ordered by the Creator to enter the realms of sorrow and loss. There he is to discover through his own experience what it means to be made in the form and image of the Creator. And we will meet a woman who even the Creator finds is not easy to satisfy. You might enjoy listening in as the two try to settle their differences.

Of course, there is Jacob who wrestles for a blessing in hand to hand combat with a most remarkable being. And three or four hundred years later a gentile prophet named Balaam walks onto the stage of history with an ability to curse and bless nations. But when King Balak of the Moabites hires him to curse the Israelites, Balaam’s own donkey doubts Balaam’s prophetic abilities.

While we are considering fate and destiny, here is a different take on why Neanderthal became extinct. And what about the fate of Homo sapiens? The Creator himself sends the archangel Michael to find out what part the human race has chosen to play in the unfolding of the universe. The answer, according to this story, may not be what you anticipate.


In Part V, we explore possible destinies that await humanity depending on the choices we make. These include stories, robots, alternate worlds and alien civilizations. And there is a story of a queen on a faraway planet. Given her divine beauty and authority, she issues a decree to those who qualify. They are to search throughout the galaxy for those places where despair is greatest. Using the skills her training system has taught them, they are to remove all ills—in fact, to love as the Creator himself loves.


In Part VI, we focus on children stories which discuss such things as the song of the universe and the fall of Atlantis. And watch out for stories told by Blue Spruce trees, by elves who enter our world through a magic harp, and by wind elves, some wise, some playful, and some mischievous. And there is a troll whose retirement is put on hold because the troll king needs more gold.

Now, what about a knight who must improvise when he confronts a woman who is also a dragon that cannot be defeated? Or want to meet a gnome? A brief method is included.


 In Part VII, the last section is on the celestial bureaucracy where you can apply to create your own fairy kingdom on the astral plane. Another celestial department deals with customer complaints. There we will meet a man who complains that loneliness is inherent in human existence.

Now, what is the remedy for that? Or, if you possess the right skills, you can upgrade your spirituality to that of a guardian angel. Speak to each man with the still, quiet voice of his own conscience. Intervening at times to prevent disaster and keep someone from dying is included in the plan.

Now if you are of a more mystical persuasion, you might like to check out the menu offered at the Akashic Department of Mystical Experiences. Here we encounter a few experiences that men cannot find on their own.

And I am sure you have heard about “going into the light” after you die. There are two brief stories about some of the problems and the also fringe benefits that may arise. And there are also a few poems here and there added in for spice.

Note: In the future, some of these stories may become parts of novels I plan to write. I have added them to this book since they wanted to be read sooner rather than later.

To have another by your side who is with you and who feels all that you feelis this not the greatest mystery of life?’

~ William Mistele

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