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The Spirit of Magic, Rediscovering the Heart of our Sacred Art by Virgil

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“The book is the great inspiration for the people who are seeking the sacred art of magic. The magic that brings everyone together, the magic that replaces greed, hatred with love and kindness. The sacred art of magic to bless the humankind. The author has a great sense of humour, love and compassion in his heart. A free spirit.”

~ Sapnali Chetia

“I once thought the only book you needed was IIH, this can be the case but if like me you like complimentary material that actually helps on a practical level then it’s invaluable. I had many ‘aha’ moments reading this book the first time. The writer’s style flows well too, hard to achieve with such a complex subject.”

~Cheri Burns

“I’ve been practising since 1978 and I wish I had this book sooner. So much great advice and tips.”

~Wayne O’Boogie



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