Seshen School of Hermetic Meditation


 Was founded by Martin Faulks in 2015. With over twenty years of experience practicing hermetic meditation and self-development. This school, was opened as a result of an increased interest in the universal teachings of Franz Bardon, for those searching a path that offers genuine spiritual attainment.

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Hermetic Meditation

  1. What is Hermetic meditation?

    Hermetic meditation is a complete and comprehensive system to train and evolve your consciousness. Just as we can physically train our bodies for improved flexibility, strength and health, we can also train our mind. For better focus, a powerful improved awareness. clear vision, emotional health, internal harmony and improved imagination and memory. Indeed hermetic meditation is a comprehensive training system for the mind.

  1. Where does the tradition come from?

    Legend has it, that the techniques of Hermetic meditation have been handed down since Ancient Egyptian times. In fact, the term hermetic comes from a collection of inspirational texts which were written around the time of the First Century. These texts themselves state that the knowledge they are passing on comes from Ancient Egypt. This practice has been handed down from one teacher to another and through various texts to the present day. The Seshen School focuses on teaching and practicing the Hermetic arts as taught by the greatest Hermetic teacher of the Twentieth Century Franz Bardon.

  1. Do you worship Hermes?

    Active worship is down to the individual and their own spiritual directions. Hermes is a legendary teacher who is said to have authored these early works. The works themselves are philosophical in nature and do not hold any specific religious quality.

  1. How can  Seshen Hermetic Meditation school assist me?The Seshen Hermetic School is here to help anyone who is wanting a comprehensive training program in a supportive environment, which will allow them to reach their full potential.
  1. What is different about this school than other meditation schools?

    The Seshen School is unique in the sense that each and every ability that we strive for must be demonstrated and made a permanent quality of the functioning daily consciousness. Through a series of different practical demonstrations, a student must be able to demonstrate and work with their teacher to make a quality or evolution in the self, something tangible, practical and applicable in their lives. This demonstration and results-based approach ensures that any promotion of advancement within the school is genuine.

  1. Is there a lot of coursework to do, since I really only want to practice meditation?

    Study has an evolutionary and meditative quality of its own. When we read about different ideas and concepts our mind reaches closer to them. Likewise, when we read the correct works we practice lines of reasoning and insightful correct thought. In the hermetic school, we have no written coursework, but we do recommend books which you should study and of course the training manuals of the school should be made your mental property.

  1. How can it practically help me in my daily life?

    Hermetic philosophy believes that all things are interconnected ‘as above so below’ is one of the most powerful and applied principals of hermetics. From the hermetic point of view, the human race is to bring goodness to the world in the same way a caring gardener or someone with good intentions who apply their influences. Each and every exercise is to bring around greater morality and improved competency, that should bring positive outcomes on all levels. Have you ever noticed how things that change in your life bring great ripples and those small improvements can have an amazing knock on effect. So for example, if someone improves their posture their mood instantly improves, and likewise so does the response they get from other people because good posture is far more welcome and positive. From a hermetic point of view, each and every change you make will have ripples that transform your life, to have positive effects on those you care about and come into contact with.

  1. How does the teacher guide the student through each of the steps?

    The school is based on Facebook and video messages are used to communicate between the teacher and the student. This allows them to be read and watched a the convenience of both parties. The teacher will watch the student in meditation and will match their physical posture their breathing rate and indeed their mental attitude to the student so they can see exactly what is going on and make small adjustments. They will also work closely with the student to overcome any barriers and short-comings which are getting in the way of the practice.

  1. How much contact does the teacher have with each student?

    The Seshen group is a small elite group of students and this means that the students can interact with the teacher without worry. Response times vary depending on the nature or the query but each student gets as much information and interaction as is needed for him or her to keep progressing.

  1. How can the teacher help the student from a distance?

    There is an ancient saying that says, ‘the best teacher lives over the other side of the mountain. Distance means that each communication is valued, focused and applied specifically and that any question is contemplated and that the answer is really done to the best ability of the teacher.

  1. How do we know when we have completed each stage sufficiently?

    In Seshen you have two points of view an internal and external point view. You will be able to see when an exercise has become easy and notice your changes and improvements to your abilities in your daily life. Your teacher so to will be able to see changes in aspects of your meditation practice, your demonstrations and indeed in your words and actions. By agreement between the teacher and the student, you will be promoted to the next step of the attainment.

  1. Can my children join me in this practice?

    If you wish to encourage your children on the hermetic path it is good to teach them to sit still and allow them to learn how to become calm. It is also nice to help them explore the world with their imagination and to picture themselves in exciting and new situations. This will lay a natural foundation for any future developments. Seshen however, is a school for adults who really wish to reach their highest potential.

  1. I want to practice but am afraid my family will think I have joined a cult.

    The Seshen School is simply an on-line school of meditation, whereby you can leave with ease. Indeed the whole school has been set up to make it very hard to join but very easy to go. This means that only people who are truly dedicated to an ongoing program of self-improvement through meditation practice are here.

    Hermetic tradition tells us that many people will not understand what we are trying to do and that changes and improvements to ourselves can often prove to be uncomfortable for others. Traditionally hermetic practitioners would keep their practice private or find ways to present it in a way that people could understand. Perhaps in the language of their own religion or view of the world.

  1. Was Hermes a God or person?

    The hermetic path believes that in a sense all humans have the potential for divinity and through hermetic practice, we can unfold and express the divinity that already lies in us. Hermes is seen as a template for what we could achieve, an inspirational figure.

  1. Do you use rituals and magic?

    Hermetic philosophy tells us that thoughts underline the whole of existence. That in a sense our minds are not as separate from the flow of the universe or the structure of existence. When one masters one’s own consciousness and is in harmony with everything around it, one finds that it a shift in perception or a change of internal consciousness that can bring around great changes to others will be unexplainable. The Seshen School meditation as means to both improve themselves and the world around us. These changes are visible and tangible and to those who do not understand how they function, may be seen as magical.

  1. Do I have to follow a religion to do this?

    Hermetics is a practice that is harmonious to any religious or spiritual belief. Although those who take a fundamentalist view of their own religion may find some philosophic aspects hard to adhere to. For example, the hermetic texts believe that all names are suitable for divinity and that it is clear that all traditions are talking about the same God.

  1. I am a Christian but I am worried that it will contradiction my religion?

    Many of the early hermeticists were Christian and indeed there are some great reflections between the hermetic texts and those of Christianity. In fact, hermetic practitioners are very indebted to Christians for preserving their teachings. The Nag Hamadi scrolls were most certainly in a collection of Christian writings which the Christians at the time had seen such value in hermetic writings that they collated them with their own prayers.

    In the Renaissance period it was widely believed that the Hermetic texts were a prediction of the coming of Jesus Christ and that this would be the ideal training for a Christian who wanted like Enoch, to walk with the Angels.

  1. Is it about magic?

    Hermetics is about bringing, beautiful, positive changes to yourself, cultivating virtue and spreading that goodness outside. With hermetic training, we work with the hidden forces both inside ourselves and in the world around us and the results to others can be very hard to explain.

  1. I don’t agree with the occult I think it is evil, how can this be a spiritual practice?

    The hermeticists themselves were focused on a oneness with the underlying good of the universe. They believe that this goodness was so great that they could not find words to express how they felt about it. So they sat as many other traditions do in a sense of silent prayer. This silence was both external and internal and many people would see this as a form of meditation. In hermeticism our goal is to bring balance and balance is seen as goodness. There is nothing negative in our practice.

  1. I want to become a magician but I am afraid of evils spirits affecting me.

    Negative forces both in material and immaterial realms are hard tests and specific techniques to protect against them or avoid them are important, however, you may have observed in daily life many of the people who suffer hardship at the hands of negative people have spent time engaging with them and even seeking them out. Likewise with spiritual disciplines. If your focus is on good, you are unlikely to encounter any negativity.

  1. Can it deal with possession?

    Once again if we refer to the philosophy of As above So below mental illness to a high degree tends to need a specific controlled approach from someone who is actually there and is trained in these areas. There are spiritual practitioners who have dedicated themselves to helping others who have had negative experiences or are experiencing some form of negative influence upon themselves. Unfortunately, someone who is going through this kind of hardship is not in the position to undergo any form of training. Therefore it is recommended to anyone suffering this trial that they seek out direct help from someone who is knowledgeable.

  1. I think I am being psychically attacked can it help me?

    Undergoing a training program which is dedicated to positive things can have a dramatic improvement on ourselves. Likewise, it can help us attract positive forces. If you believe that you are having negative influences affect you, either through contact with people who are out of balance or conscious aggression from others. Then it is important for you to continue to fortify yourself. Make yourself stronger and improve what you are doing. Likewise there are protection techniques which will help you deal with this, however, it is important to note that the Seshen School is primarily a school of self-improvement, and as though it can be seen as part of a program or a strategy to move away from negative influences it should not be seen as a specific solution to that problem. You may need to take other focused efforts or make changes to your life.

  1. I want to follow a spiritual path but I am not interested in magic is it still possible for me to do this?

    Yes, hermetic meditation is about the evolution of the self. The abilities that we gain are a side effect that show us we are training effectively.

  1. I suffer from depression and an anxiety can it help me get rid of this?

    Meditation has been shown to have very positive effects on people suffering from both depression and anxiety. The early steps of the hermetic path involve developing good health on all levels and in my belief can significantly help with the problems mentioned here. However, once again I need to restate that this can be part of the part of the solution, but other life changes will need to be made.

  1. I have health problems that make it difficult for me to sit in meditation for long periods can I still follow these methods?

    Yes, meditation is a practice focused on directing and controlling the mind, it is preferable to be able to sit in a chair or on a cushion for your meditation practice as it aids you to remain focused and alert, however, this was not always the way it was practiced. Meditation can be done lying down. Indeed some early Egyptian texts refer to masters of meditation as those who are on their backs. Any health problems can be worked around just as the practice should be adapted to the individuality of the practitioner.

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Student Testimonials

Testimony 1 

As far as the school goes, I have been an off and on practitioner. Even before the school opened Martin was there to answer and help with questions and would check on how I was doing if we had not been in contact for a while. Now because of the school, I see other people’s questions that I may not have even thought of or remembered to bring up for myself and many people have been kind enough to share their thoughts and help out in any way that they can. There have been good tips and tricks to help me along in my practice and they are a good encouragement to keep going.

I went on the retreat and had a great time and learned a lot of things. Because of the retreat, we covered many things within the first step that needed clarification and understanding.

Martin has helped in so many ways and even provided us with additional practices and exercises that improve our abilities. He teaches us how to not only practice our energy works but how to protect ourselves as well to keep our progress going without additional hindrances that our daily lives already challenge us with. Because of the retreat, I find it much easier to stick to my practice, do my conscious reception of food and drinks, and he helped me to better understand what challenges I need to overcome to progress further.

It is nice to have a group of people I can talk to about this stuff after so many years of not really having anyone as a guide, a motivator, a teacher, and a friend within the hermetic group. Without the school, I would still probably be an on and off practitioner, not really progressing, and not really having anyone to ask hermetic questions to, or to encourage and motivate me to keep going on.

~ Donald M Hill

Testimony 2 

Having spent many years on a spiritual path and sadly having some rather negative experiences with spiritual teachers and reluctance to repeat those experiences, also at the time was not seeking another spiritual school to join.

However, when I heard that Martin was now accepting students, this was encouraging for me since he is well established in this field as a Franz Bardon practitioner and furthermore demonstrating his skills openly through his videos on his youtube channel, so I was encouraged to join the school.

Since joining the school (a year ago). I have witnessed many positive changes that have occurred not just only in my own life but also with the students around me. Indeed, my life has transformed and many barriers that held me back dissolved, in a matter of months. I can honestly say I have made more progress in one year studying at this school than I have over the 15 years of trying to wade through on my own.

Personally, I like the structure of the school and for me, wanted a school that was based on genuine spiritual attainment where students progress is based on ability only. The course is structured in a step by step program based on the teachings of Franz Bardon. Any issues or concerns are addressed along the way. This has aided me in the understanding and applying these steps to full effect and what was needed to accomplish, therefore making the steps very achievable.

I have found Martin, affable, attentive and for me, the most moving was his level of kindness. There is a genuine care, a truth rings out from his words, Also being there through the some of the most challenging aspects of transformation, is something I will never forget. I am very much in gratitude to the school and to Martin for being able to pursue this beautiful and sacred path in harmony and peace.

~ Zara Watson-Ellis

Testimony 3

To the seekers of truth and goodness – you made it. To everyone and those who are interested, curious or mystified, you are welcomed to explore. To those who were here by accident – you made it. Perhaps you were seeking a way that shines a light on your path to self-understanding or, have a yearning to brighten that subtle spark of light inside you hidden amidst this ever increasingly chaotic world. Then this may be the door to greatly aid you in your task.

The most important aspects I found in the guidance of the school was the focus on cultivating balance, I gained a higher awareness of myself and the world around me. I learned to live harmoniously with my thoughts, cultivate the greater good, keeping to my tasks and goals, living in the moment, understanding universal truth and energetics.

This cultivation of the inner good affected a lot around me; I have found my environment improved, others respect me and are happier around my behaviour, I am more careful with lifestyle choices and have less of the rash impulses, much of my selfish pride fades away. The world can be seen through a very different light.

With the school being on-line, I found that we often have supportive group discussions, meet new friends, and are exposed to a variety of study materials. The group is working collectively to improving each other’s wellbeing. Martin’s guidance are tuned so that it can be used in modern lifestyles. His school uses videos and recordings so that the students are able to study at his or her own pace. Students are encouraged not to rush their work and take their time to truly master their exercises before moving on to the next.

There is no competition, only improving the self. Furthermore, Martin is very accessible and openly helps his students should they have questions.

I had the honour to attend the first Seshen retreat. It has been run in a simply styled small quaint home on a memorable lane, filled with much love, care and happiness – very much the same manner as the hosts themselves. There, I was able to meet Martin and found that he is very humble in person. Otherwise, he is also very down to earth, comical and above all human. The meeting magnified my understanding of  myself, the study and nature itself. It helped cement the teachings of the school. Much more, you get to meet fellow supportive students and will be able to make lifelong friends. Hospitality has been taken very well care of by amazing Kindra Jones and the food was gorgeous. The retreat is definitely a must for the serious students, and the pokemon enthusiast.

At last, it is an experiential journey which one has to attend to discover their own understanding rather than being explained. Consequent retreats are planned for to be held in countries and in locations to aid with the study of this path. For those who are still stuck on contemplating on this path whether it is right for you, I will leave you with these final words – I was once the seeker, a person like every other – full of doubts and worries of ‘what if I made the wrong choice, is this the real deal?’ and finally I had to ask my deepest self and it is from that calling out of the truest self that has led me to my decision here. After all, you have seen and read, only you will know whether the path is right for you. Follow your true self and live your true life.

“True without falsehood certain, most true.” – The Emerald Tablet by Martin Faulks, A commentary on the path of the true Adept.

~ Ewen Barling

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