Ray del Sole

Ray discussing Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics:

“There are no higher teachings available on earth, a training system which is perfectly balanced to accomplish real mastery in a most efficient way.” 

~Ray del Sole


 The Path of the Mystic: Special Edition for Franz Bardon Practitioners

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 Ray del Sole is a real mystic who is initiated into all virtues of the macrocosmic Deity. From his comprehensive experiences of more than twenty years of training, he offers a diversity of teachings for a deeper understanding of the mystical side of Franz Bardon’s book ‘Initiation into Hermetics.’
Bardon assumes that the student of hermetic has already a mystical attitude, which means to love God, to long for refinement and to wish to serve mankind. Only if the mystical attitude is given, the studies of metaphysics, the use of higher powers is safe and well-balanced. So for the beginner, there is more to consider than Bardon discusses in his first book. He gives only a few hints. For his own students, he has suggested, to read the book of Dr. Lomer who wrote about mystical meditations and exercises. The crown of mystical training is described in Bardon’s third book, ‘The Key to the True Quabbalah’ and only basic hints for character balancing can be found in his first book. So may this book serve the student of Bardon with further explanations, teachings and exercises for a safe journey on the holy path.

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Ray del Sole is also known as an expert in metaphysics and mysticism and is an author of a series of books about spiritual development and training. Besides running webinars, he also provides workshops and lectures in the German-speaking countries and in England and the USA.

In Germany, near Frankfurt, he works as a Naturopath for Psychotherapy and as a Spiritual Healer. His focus lies in the application of hypnotherapy, past-life-therapy, and pranic healing. He has studied architecture in Bochum with a focus on project management. Among others, he has acquired certificates in Cultural Training, Project Management, Business Efficiency, Business Management for Engineers, and Moderation of Working Groups. This was followed by postgraduate studies in natural sciences in Eco-Biology at the Institute Neubeuern, and Management Theory and Business at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. After several years as an architect, he left the building industry for health reasons.

Due to the fact he had very early on undergone and completed his education in Prana Healing in Switzerland, and due to his intensive spiritual studies in psychology and healing, he then completed trainings in Anxiety and Stress Management, as a Psychological Counselor, as a Hypnotherapist, and as a Reincarnation-Therapist, Hypno-Coach, and Medical Practitioner for psychotherapy. He is a member of VFP, the Association of Independent Psychotherapists in Germany.

Ray is the founder of Sura Academy which offers well-balanced spiritual training where mystical transmission plays a major role for a safe and good progress. The transmission will be used especially for the mystical process which includes cleaning, healing and refinement.


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