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The Path of the Mystic by Ray del Sole – The Great Masters, Jesus, Buddha & Vishnu



An Exert from, The Path of the Mystic, Special Edition for Franz Bardon Students by Ray del Sole


This book covers many areas of Franz Bardon training especially focusing on his first book Initiation into Hermetics. Ray addresses both the scientific aspect as well as the mystical and integrates them perfectly, so the student can gain a greater understanding and insight both regarding magical as well as the mystical training. He offers a unique and fresh approach to IIH.

 CHAPTER: 31 The Great Masters

Jesus -The Great Mystic

The soul who incarnated as Jesus was something very special and I do not mean “special,” that he was the founder of a new religion. Jesus is a great example of a perfectly developed mystic. He was amazing and although not many reports about his life and teachings have survived, it is enough to know who he was. I have examined his childhood and the secrets of his teachings and I am really fascinated with him and all the signs which are proof of his nature.


Jesus was in first place was a master of the word, a true Quabbalist, according to the definition of Bardon and with this, Jesus was a divine spirit, a true son of God, from the same nature, a cosmic being, where the microcosm was completely adapted to the nature, or the macrocosm. So indeed he was someone beyond the normal human understanding and it is no wonder that he was able to perform all kinds of wonders. When you undergo the quabbalistic-mystical training of Bardon in his third book, then you can increase your level of power to divine levels of almightiness – you can become a divine power plant and your wishes realize in moments, also down to the material plane. A normal human being and also a normal spiritual student has no idea what it means to bear such levels of power, of energy.

Jesus was an enlightened being and he knew exactly that only love is able to heal the people and the circumstances on earth. By using the power of the word, he could have killed easily all the evil people but this was not the solution. It had no sense. It has also today no sense. We all return to earth and then life goes on, more or less in the same way until we have learned our lessons to behave better, with more love and more understanding. So the solution can only be to teach, to be a model for better behaviour, to show compassion and understanding. In this is what Jesus did, he tried to show the people the right path, back to the father. He tried to heal the Jewish religion from corruption and somehow he initiated a new religion.

Still today Jesus is a model for all mystics and spiritual seekers. He shows a great connection to God, his father, our father. He shows us how to speak with God, how to pray, how to be thankful. He teaches the secrets of the mystics. For example, this loving, devotional attitude towards God, where you know that your father gives you all that you need, that you only have to believe in this and be grateful for his gifts of love. On the other hand he shows the immense power of his connection with God. He says “The father and I are one!” What is more powerful? What is a clearer statement about his nature? So you can orientate yourself on Jesus, on his way to do things, on his attitude. Indeed Jesus was a temple of God and all his powers, all his knowledge was a result of his connection to God. The Divine Spirit lived in Jesus and expressed himself through him. The source of power was God, not the body of Jesus. Although you are in the end of the same divine nature like God, you receive all your powers from God. No one is independent from God, from the source of life.

Then we have the great sayings from Jesus like “Those who are without guilt should throw the first stone!” On the first view you can say “Oh, yes, true, but nothing special.” But on the second view, from the understanding of an initiate, this sentence shows the deepest truth about karma and judgment. In fact there is not a single human being without having done bad things in former incarnations. So even though you might be “good” and selfless in this incarnation, there were other incarnations where you were evil, destructive, etc. And therefore no one has the right to judge others or to throw the first stone.

Lastly, Jesus was a great master, a Divine Spirit in a human body. It is good when you honour Jesus in his powerful posture where he is one with the father, where he gives blessings to the world. Such pictures and statues you can see at old cathedrals like for example at Notre Dame in Amiens and Chartres. It is not good to worship the dead corpse at the cross. It is in a way satanic. And Jesus did not die for the sins of the people and he did not take the bad karma of these people. So please believe in the powerful divine Jesus and do not praise a dead, tortured corpse.

Jesus can give you good inspiration for your mystical practice as he was a perfect mystic, a great master independent from religion and culture.

Some Words About Buddha

buddha017The spirit who incarnated as Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Buddha, was a divine being, similar to Jesus, an incarnated god and spiritual master. I just want to speak about a few points which are very interesting. When you examine Buddha, then you can see that he was already a high developed divine being when he incarnated but even though he underwent the teachings of asceticism which were practiced in this time. He lived first as a prince, then as an ascetic and then he received officially his enlightenment to start his own teachings. In fact he studied actively the practices of his time, such as asceticism, to understand the spiritual situation of his time, what was the present status of knowledge, of ideas, of techniques and how useful were these things for real spiritual development. In fact every initiate has to undergo such studies, if he wants to improve teachings and techniques for the present time of his incarnation. Only then the initiate is able to speak the same language, to understand the spiritual seekers. And this did also Buddha to realize his spiritual path of compassion and enlightenment. Indeed he was on his divine mission to serve mankind with high spiritual knowledge, showing mankind a way of spiritual development.

Love, compassion and enlightenment are aspects of true mysticism. So certainly Buddha and Buddhism have a special focus on the mystical development, – on the unfolding of the heart and crown chakra.

I must admit that I have a deep connection to Buddhism, since I was a Buddhist Lama in a former incarnation and I still feel a deep love for this spiritual tradition.

Further on you will find high teachings of magic and about the Five Elements in Bon Buddhism and in the Tantric forms of Buddhism. So it makes much sense to study Buddhistic teachings.

The Nature of Vishnu – Meeting God

e4b55ac050baba35c87244d9e6999a8aVishnu is one of the highest gods, of the three most famous gods, the Trimurti in the Hinduistic pantheon. As people love to say: Brahma is the creator god, Vishnu the maintainer god and Shiva is the destroyer god. So this is very simplified, but I do not want to give here all details about them.

When you examine Vishnu, then you see his picture with his attributes, his symbols and probably you will read also some words about his “biography.” The definition offered by Wikipedia:

“Vishnu is described as the all-pervading essence of all beings, the master of and beyond the past, present and future, the creator and destroyer of all existences, one who supports, sustains and governs the universe and originates and develops all elements within. He has a divine blue colour of water-filled clouds and as having four arms. He is depicted as holding a padma (lotus flower) in the lower left hand, a unique type of mace used in warfare known as a gada in the lower right hand, a Panchajanya shankha (conch) in the upper left hand and a discus weapon Sudarshana Chakra in the upper right hand.”

When you take a look at Vishnu from the perspective of an initiate, of someone who has studied the science of metaphysics, then you can make interesting discoveries.

Vishnu is indeed a being of Akasha and he shows all qualities and powers of Akasha. He was before the creator appeared to realize creation, indeed he manifested Brahma out of his self. Akasha itself manifested the creator and in fact the creator needed a meditation to become aware of himself – like it is said of Brahma. So, Vishnu is without limitations, without space and time. Vishnu is all-connecting, all-permeating. Vishnu is the great maintainer, the lord of harmony and order, the one who is the source of life and creation, the source of permanent upholding of the whole manifested world, of all planes of existence. Vishnu is the primordial spirit.

Symbols Represented by Vishnu (Relating to his Akasha Nature)

how-to-draw-a-lotus-water-lily_1_000000000917_5The Lotus

Which means purity, perfection, and perfect beauty.

images-1The Mace

The destructive aspect of Akasha (imbalance cannot stand Akasha and is dissolved directly).

The Conch3b8ktca1mwk8aca265lgncao3n0jnca2wrqsacandi36jca0659wtcadv5ngrcafl7t8kcax2znt0cap6gqljcacwalavcaid2g5qcak0bqxzca8kkgp8cak5d9i6cazgl8m9ca34lymf

A wind instrument which means the power of sound (this is connected to Akasha and it is a very important aspect of the power of the word/ Quabbalah/ the cosmic language of creation).



chakram-96x105The Discus

Which means the circle, chakra perfection but also the cycle of time; remind yourself of the magical circle, it has the same meaning. And then, certainly, the perfection of Akasha can destroy the imbalance, the evil which causes imbalance and everything which depends on time and space. Akasha means total harmony and nothing which is created can withstand Akasha. (Here we have connections to Maha Kali with her destructive qualities, also Akasha).

So you can see that his attributes are analogue to his nature as his nature is Akasha. Further on he wears a garland with five gems – representing the Five Elements. The colour of his skin is light blue which can be understood also as an aspect of Akasha, where Akasha “meets” the Air Element. But it is also possible to understand this as a hint for the finest Water Element, as the nourishing, maintaining aspect.

I had the chance and honour to meet Vishnu and to experience his wonderful nature. In fact Vishnu has an amazing, wonderful Akasha nature and I felt a deep love and deep connection while meeting him. It was like meeting an old, beloved friend after a long time. I am very grateful for this meeting.

When you unite with Vishnu, then you can feel an inner bliss and very special happiness which comes from the divine self, the first self, the bliss of Akasha.

In fact all gods and goddesses are very special and it is always fascinating to examine their divine nature, their special qualities. Shiva, is for example also very fascinating. When you unite with Shiva, then you can feel his blissful state, a special state of awareness and knowing, a state of perfect stillness of mind, where you know exactly what is ahead, what is coming. He has also this inner smile, an all- permeating understanding, nothing can escape his understanding. His nature is very fine, pure, enlightened. Everything he does, he does it in a perfect way. Very fascinating.

As you can see, both are of divine nature and both have their special qualities and it is great to unite with them and to meet them. In fact you can examine all known gods, goddesses, the so-called angels according to Bardon’s descriptions and all special Buddhas and deities.

The meeting and uniting with deities is an aspect of the tenth step in Bardon’s book or better said, it is something which you can do from this step on. It is absolutely up to if you want to meet divine beings, which you want to meet, if you want to unite with their nature during your meditations, or if you are on a kind of mission where you have to become a certain deity for a limited time to give blessings, to perform a ritual, etc. When you think of the Dalai Lama and his Kalachakra ritual, then this is a case of application or when you think of many religions where they use masks and ritualistic dances to unite with certain spirits or gods. So in fact, it is a wide field and you are free to follow your intuition.

The practice of uniting with a deity belongs to the mystical practice. Although it is a high practice, you can use it directly from the start of your training. This is only a matter of your mystical attitude and you love for a god or goddess or deity or Buddha, Jesus or the Virgin Mary, etc. The more you love and worship a divine being, the easier and better you can unite with its nature, to take part in its beauty and energies. In general, trust your divine guidance, follow your higher intuition and then you will know how to realize this and other things in your meditations.

To find out more about Ray please go to Our Authors Page. Ray also runs a Spiritual School for students of Franz Bardon – Sura Academy. You can also view Ray’s website .

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