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"There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights. " - Bram Stroker, Dracula


New Release: The Covert Side of Initiation by Virgil



For decades, members of the esoteric community have considered anyone with magical skills and abilities to be a magician. As a result, there are few magical training systems designed to turn students into magicians, and many magical training systems designed to turn students into people with magical skills and abilities.

The magical training system developed by the Czech adept Franz Bardon and contained in his three books – Initiation into HermeticsThe Practice of Magical Evocation, andThe Key to the True Quabbalah – is designed to turn students into magicians. Unfortunately, many students of the system seek only to become people with magical skills and abilities rather than genuine magicians. For this reason, they often spend years stuck on the system’s basic exercises.

In this book, Virgil discusses some key components of magical training that are hinted at but not expounded upon in the text of Bardon’s books. Completion of these components is what distinguishes people who are magicians from people who merely possess magical skills and abilities. In the process of discussing these components, Virgil also elaborates on magical principles explained in his previous books, offers helpful advice for common problems magicians will encounter during their training, and elucidates one of the most misunderstood exercises of Bardon’s training system.


Falcon Books Publishing Titles

The Elemental Equilibrium: Notes on the Foundation of Magical Adepthood by Virgil

Establishing an elemental equilibrium – an inner state in which the elements constituting one’s soul and spirit have been balanced and purified – has long been considered an essential prerequisite for advanced magical work. The master alchemists of the Middle Ages hinted at the importance of this state in their cryptic texts and emblems. The French magician Eliphas Levi considered this state to be the secret to controlling the astral light. Professor Gregory Ottonovich Mёbes taught that this state is the key to acquiring divine authority. 

Throughout history, numerous occultists have become emotionally unbalanced and mentally deranged because they failed to establish this state within themselves before coming into contact with potent spiritual forces. Due to its importance, several of the more well-known magical orders in history have given their students rituals, meditations, and exercises to aid them in establishing an elemental equilibrium. Unfortunately, many of those practices were of dubious efficacy, and as a result, this state has continued to remain elusive for even the most sincere and dedicated students of magic. 

Those who dream of engaging the powers underlying magic or travelling through the inner planes may now do so safely. In this book, Virgil provides a thorough and easily understandable guide to establishing an elemental equilibrium. Upon doing this, any aspiring magician will have acquired the inner balance, strength, and purity needed to practice his art productively and effectively. 

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Excerpts from The Elemental Equilibrium
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Stories of Magic and Enchantment by William Mistele

In these stories, individuals realize that daily life and ordinary consciousness contain additional levels of awareness. And with this multi-dimensional awareness comes the discovery that we are free to become whatever we wish to be. Come travel into the realms of fairy tales and mythology where we shall meet angels, demons, mermaids, gnomes, trees that speak, elves, dragons, spirits of the wind who appear as young women, and people from the far past and the distant future. Though varied in time and location, these stories are a magic crystal ball. As we gaze upon it, we find our own answers to the questions,

What is missing from life? What is it to be fully alive? How do we make choices that enable us to become the person we are meant to be?

And what part do we as the human race choose to play in the unfolding of the universe?

The author is a student of global archetypes and a traveler into many spiritual realms. He shares these stories with us in order to reveal the deepest mysteries of the heart.

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Please enjoy Poke Runyon discussing Stories of Magic and Enchantment with William R. Mistele.

In modern times, many people's lives are giant shells made of smaller shells - empty and void. William R. Mistele's newest book, Stories of Magic and Enchantment, will help you see the wonder in the universe that will give your life meaning and substance. Readers will be hooked by the author's compelling writing style, and upon finishing the book, will realize that while they were being entertained by his stories, they also developed a deeper understanding of love, magic, and the cosmos.l

~ Virgil (Author)


I personally find this book very enlightening. It reveals the many secrets that one must understand to live their life fullest.
The messages in the form of stories are very powerful. If you are a highly empathetic person - you could feel the power of the messages from a wise man. This book has revealed the understanding of love, secrets of Balance and harmony, Nature of silence, Will of fire and the truths of ancients wisdom.
I highly recommend this book to the people who truly want to understand the secret treasure of their life. 
~ Parahima
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The Spirit of Magic: Rediscovering the Heart of Our Sacred Art by Virgil

 The 'Spirit of Magic' is a book written for all aspiring magicians who have just begun walking the road to adepthood. The author, a long-time practitioner of Franz Bardon’s system of magic, addresses many of the questions about magic floating in the minds of beginning students, gives numerous helpful tips and hints for advancing safely and steadily, and warns against the most common pitfalls and distractions. If you are considering undergoing magical training or have recently begun your training, this book was written for you. Through its pages, you will come to a clear understanding of the art of magic and grasp the inner inspiration that flows through its heart. This book is truly unique. In a world where genuine magic has become diluted, corrupted, and distorted by ignorance, greed, laziness, and arrogance, Virgil provides a serious yet engaging exposition of the true nature of the sacred art. In doing so, he begins the process of redeeming the art and restoring it to its rightful status as a powerful tool for blessing society, dissolving suffering, and filling the world with joy.

To read an excerpt from The Spirit of Magic: Rediscovering The Heart of This Sacred Art, please click on the link – Asana Chapter 1 .


The book is the great inspiration for the people who are seeking the sacred art of magic. The magic that brings everyone together, the magic that replaces greed, hatred with love and kindness. The sacred art of magic to bless the humankind. The author has a great sense of humour, love and compassion in his heart. A free spirit.

~ Sapnali Chetia

I once thought the only book you needed was IIH, this can be the case but if like me you like complimentary material that actually helps on a practical level then it’s invaluable. I had many ‘aha’ moments reading this book the first time. The writer’s style flows well too, hard to achieve with such a complex subject.

~Cheri Burns

I’ve been practising since 1978 and I wish I had this book sooner. So much great advice and tips.

~Wayne O’Boogie

“The Spirit of Magic” was published in May 2017 by Falcon Books Publishing. Its author goes by the pseudonym of Virgil, and as a subtitle he gives us “Rediscovering the Heart of our Sacred Art”. Virgil, who seems to live in America, has come across occultism quite some time ago and seems to have gone through many paths and schools like so many of us do: intrigued by the paranormal, he made experiences with Solomonic evocation, Qabbalah, Tarot, Ceremonial Magic etc. But then he got fed up and put everything away. Until one day through the writings of William Mistele he discovered the books of Franz Bardon, and that seems to have been a revelation for him.

I am telling you all this because it seems important to me to know when you approach his book. Because at first, when you read the table of contents for example, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the number of topics and the extensiveness of his broad approach. And you might think that this is just another book where someone describes everything that is around in the occult world without going in-depth anywhere. But if you have thought so, you were wrong. As Virgil has made the experience I described, and as his main focus in approaching all the other subjects is now through the work, eyes and teachings of Franz Bardon, this has become a really fascinating book that might help many readers, who like Virgil are maybe still searching their own path, their own experience, to actually find it. In a very easily readable, contemporary language he explains to the reader how he would approach matters of life and of magic in life. I particularly like his chapters on the balance of the Elements and the one named “Walking the path”. Reading Vergil’s texts makes you think that magic is so natural, that you don’t see a way without it. And well, is there really a way through life without it?

To give you an impression, I would like to cite the small chapter where he talks about the famous magical quadriga: to know, to dare, to will, to keep silence. Here is what he has  to say about “to know”:

Most students of magic assume this means the accumulation of facts, figures, correspondences and theories. This is only a small part of the sort of knowledge required of a magician.
To know what is important and what is not
To know what are the essentials and what are the details
To know what is worth your time
To know how much of your time it is worth
To know where to look for opportunities
To know how to seize opportunities
To know when to persist and when to quit
To know what you want in life
To know why you are practicing magic
To know yourself.
These are the things that are truly worth knowing. Such knowledge cannot be gained by studying the Zohar, or the knowledge lectures of the Golden Dawn, or the theory section of Initiation into Hermetics. It can only be gained by studying yourself and your life.

This book is really to be recommended for any student of the occult path as a help to finding your own way and yourself .

~ Gnothi

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The Path of the Mystic: Special Edition For Franz Bardon Practitioners

Ray del Sole is a real mystic who is initiated into all virtues of the macrocosmic Deity. From his comprehensive experiences of more than twenty years of training, he offers a diversity of teachings for a deeper understanding of the mystical side of Franz Bardon’s book, ‘Initiation into Hermetics. Bardon assumes that the student of hermetic has already a mystical attitude, which means to love God, to long for refinement and to wish to serve mankind. Only if the mystical attitude is given, the studies of metaphysics, the use of higher powers is safe and well-balanced. So for the beginner, there is more to consider than Bardon discusses in his first book. He gives only a few hints. For his own students, he has suggested to read the book of Dr. Lomer who wrote about mystical meditations and exercises. The crown of mystical training is described in Bardon’s third book, The Key to the True Quabbalah and only basic hints for character balancing can be found in his first book. So may this book serve the student of Bardon with further explanations, teachings and exercises for a safe journey on the holy path.

To Read exerts from The Path of the Mystic. please view below:

Just finished "The Path of the Mystic" and starting to read it again a second time. A great book everyone should read to gain understanding of the path you walk.

~Myron Shindler

Excellent book. Love all the books by this author. He is very good. It is very hard to find genuine books on the stuff related to Franz Bardon because of the high standards of the training, but this author is amazing.

~Jerew Jei

This book is a great motivation for people who believe in a sincere study of the mystical path. Very impressive work and understanding approach to each topic. His books make everything very easy to understand and help a reader to make true progress in his spiritual journey. Would highly recommend this book to those who seek wisdom. The book reflects that the author has a deep spiritual understanding and his heart is filled with deep compassion for humankind.

~ Sapnali Chetia

This book by Falcon Books Publishing was issued in 2016 and is called “The Path of the Mystic”, authored by Ray del Sole, also a writer using a pseudonym. He lives in Germany, near Frankfurt, works as a Naturopath for Psychotherapy and as a Spiritual healer and is an expert in metaphysics and mysticism.
The subtitle of this book also clarifies a few things: “Special edition for Franz Bardon practitioners”. And this is how I understood this book and how I believe it was meant: it is the approach to the teachings and practice of Franz Bardon not so much for the hermetist or the magical practitioner, but rather for the mystic. He takes those teachings and explains to us in 33 short chapters the different aspects and approaches the interested student should or can have to use Franz Bardon’s techniques as a mystical approach. I would like to mention the titles of some chapters  to give you an idea:
  • The Right Kind of Sacrifices
  • Healing through Divine Unity
  • Universal Religion
  • Uniting with God, as Bardon describes
  • A Technique of Praying
I think this makes you understand the approach that Ray del Sole is taking. Even though the mystical path has not (yet?) opened all his secrets and mysteries to me, I find the approach he is taking extremely fascinating and rather unique. This is certainly a work that will make Bardon more available and interesting to students and occultists with a mystical approach. And if you want to know my opinion on that, this is a very good thing. The more people understand and practice Bardon’s hermetic teachings, the better.
So, highly recommended for the appropriate audience.

~ Gnothi

To read the review on the Thoth-Hermes website 
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Enlightened Living by Martin Faulks

Would you like to learn the most powerful method of self-development?

A technique more effective than any form of meditation, more powerful than any ritual, mantra or secret initiation. What if the most spiritual of secrets has been hidden in the most mundane of things all along?

Could the most effective tool for personal transformation be in the very approach you take to your daily life?

This book consists of a series of contemplations, which give specific techniques, lessons and insights designed to give you the keys to use every moment of every day to release your full potential. They contain important principles concerning aspects of life, good health or insights into the nature of the mind. Including suggestions of different ways of thinking, correcting your mind, or methods of taking advantage of how your mind already works. Of course, all of these principals can be applied on many different levels. The universal lessons contained in this text can be applied to anyone, no matter what their background or inclination. However, it will be of particular value to those who practice meditation or are undertaking any dedicated training program in which they seek the ideal state of consciousness.

Readers will find the lessons contained in this book and the approach to life it suggests easy to apply due to its simplicity and effective techniques. These lessons can also be used to build upon skills already mastered, helping to grow those skills that are less developed. A collection of lessons, the reader can dip in and out of the book as they wish, finding their awareness growing with increasing ease. As their awareness expands, so will engagement with daily life leading to greater fulfilment. Enlightenment is in how we live our lives, not hidden behind closed doors or contained within spiritual practice only. This text aims to be a part of a revolution in teaching whereby the focus of our self-improvement is on the actions of our daily life bringing wisdom, focus and high consciousness to everyday tasks. So that once again we can create a result based practice, where practitioners who seek enlightenment be associated with stability, practicality, clear vision and, above all, excellence through harmonious action. True enlightenment cannot be hidden because it shines forth in every thought, word and action, creating goodness wherever it touches. This book will aid the reader in applying the skills of enlightenment to their daily life.

Martin Faulks has extensive experience in this field as a meditation expert who has spent over twenty years dedicating his life to personal development. He also runs the Seshan School of Hermetic Meditation, a successful meditation school where he assists and advises students in their practice.

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