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Enlightened Living by Martin Faulks


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“Hermetics is like a sun lamp on the natural process of development and growing up, a set of lessons in the art of being a human.”

~ Martin Faulks




Would you like to learn the most powerful method of self-development?

A technique more effective than any form of meditation, more powerful than any ritual, mantra or secret initiation.

What if the most spiritual of secrets has been hidden in the most mundane of things all along?

Could the most effective tool for personal transformation be in the very approach you take to your daily life?

This book consists of a series of contemplations, which give specific techniques, lessons and insights designed to give you the keys, using every moment of every day to release your full potential.

They contain important principles concerning aspects of life, good health or insights into the nature of the mind. Including suggestions of different ways of thinking, correcting your mind, or methods of taking advantage of how your mind already works. Of course, all of these principals can be applied on many different levels.

The universal lessons contained in this text can be applied to anyone no matter what their background or inclination. However, it will be of particular value to those who practice meditation or are undertaking any dedicated training program in which they seek the ideal state of consciousness.

Readers will find the lessons and the approach to life it suggests contained in this book are easy to apply due to its simplicity and effective techniques. These lessons can also be used to compound upon skills already mastered to aid in growing other less developed skills in other areas of life. As progress is made working through each lesson, the reader will find with increasing ease they become more aware and have an engaged mind state in their daily life.

This book aims to be part of a revolution of teaching methods, which focuses on applying wisdom and operating from a higher consciousness in everyday life. So that once again we can create a result based practice, where practitioners who seek enlightenment can once again be associated with stability, practicality, clear vision and above all excellence through harmonious action.

True enlightenment cannot be hidden because it shines forth in every thought word and action and creates goodness wherever it touches. This book is to aid its reader in applying enlightenment to their life.

Martin Faulks has extensive experience in this field as a meditation expert who has spent over twenty years dedicating his life to personal development and also runs Seshan School of Hermetic Meditation, a successful meditation school where he assists and advises students in their practice.

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 An Excerpt from Enlightened Living by Martin Faulks

Why This Book Is Needed

If you visit any library or bookshop throughout the world you will find the shelves full of manuals outlining techniques of meditation and spiritual improvement. Techniques handed down through generations of practitioners, from mouth to ear that are designed to train, improve and sharpen mental abilities.

In the distant past, these techniques were viewed as a means of training our consciousness for everyday life. The practitioner would use their practice time to sit in meditation and to create the qualities that would allow them to reach their full potential in daily life. These vibrations created in the consciousness would naturally pass over into their everyday thinking. The practitioner would consciously apply the skills gained whilst training and carefully assess which techniques were working, then make the necessary changes to their practice based on their everyday interaction with the world. Their goal was to create a constant state of mind that was imbued with awareness, compassion, dedicated purpose and ability to learn. This ongoing sense of improvement came to be known as ‘enlightenment’.

In a world with so much confusion, where people naturally drift from their goals and are pulled around by their emotions, someone who had gained the ability to keep a clear focus stood out. They were able to stay on target in every moment.This person was truly connected with the world in a harmonious way and in every action expressed their highest potential. To the enlightened person, every moment was a moment of joyous improvement.

As time passed the idea of enlightenment changed and became distanced from the present. Dreams of a lofty position beyond strife evolved as practitioners wanted themselves to reach a point beyond illness, beyond hardship and most of all beyond effort. Everyday life became secondary to the practice itself. Practitioners focused on improving their meditation skills and cut out other aspects of life in order to focus better on these arts, rather than practicing meditation in order to master life.

So it is that a peculiar reversal has occurred, where the training methods have become the goal. This could be seen as a form of confusion and present in many aspects of human life. Unfortunately, this has led to a great inversion of these qualities regarding spirituality. In real life, the application of the skills and abilities gained in meditation are no longer assessed. Techniques that are ineffective, or that were designed for a very specific purpose, are passed on thoughtlessly and have been applied without any sense of direction or goal. Ineffective training has become the norm and techniques are chosen because of their ‘colour’ or how enjoyable the method is, rather than for their original intended purpose.

The modern spiritual seeker finds himself in a very difficult position, surrounded by authorities with great titles and magnificent clothing telling him to be humble. In some cases, taught by practitioners who are unable to cope with the normal world and hide away, never facing and overcoming the very challenges that they hope to guide their students through. This state of hypocrisy we are facing today is prevalent within spiritual communities, where the mastery of the real challenges which are associated with a life of being human are concerns of the future that will be cured rather than being addressed now. This book hopes to be part of a revolution which addresses this imbalance – responsibility is firmly placed back in the hands of the individual once again.

The teaching methods used to achieve this are wisdom, focus and higher consciousness in everyday life. So that once again we can create a result based practice. Once again, practitioners will be associated with stability, practicality, clear vision, and, above all, excellence through harmonious action. True enlightenment cannot be hidden because it shines forth in every thought, word and action and creates goodness wherever it touches. This book is to aid readers in applying these enlightened principles to their daily life.

Here is an interesting test to see how awake you are. You can try on yourself and on the people you know. It is a test to see how awake you really are. Next time you visit a friend stand in their garden and ask them how long have they lived there for. The longer they have been there the more impressive this tends to be. Then ask them to point to the North. Most people will find this very hard.

They will respond with a sense of confusion inquiring, how do they tell which way is North or how would they know that? The truth is, ever since they have lived there a giant fireball has been careening across the sky from East to West every single day, and they must have been asleep not to have noticed it. Ask them again where the sun rises from to point out the direction and most people will be unable to do so. How is it possible to live somewhere without noticing something this big and dramatic happening every day?


Born in 1977 in England, Martin Faulks is known internationally as a meditation master, adventurer, spiritual warrior and author. Martin’s years of discipline and dedication to daily meditation practice have led to mundane and spiritual achievements. His demonstrations of mind over matter using the power of meditation brought international attention which was documented in the press (2012). Such skills include altering his body temperature, changing the binary waves in brain function, and retention of breath under water. Thus highlighting the potential of ancient mind sciences for healing, health, spirituality and self-development.

His interest in universal truths led him to explore and seek out various schools around the world to study with and further his knowledge in the meditative arts, namely the practice of Hermetics (an ancient western esoteric tradition), yoga, Zen Buddhism, and Japanse Shugendo. He also runs the Seshen Hermetic Meditation School, which focuses on progression through meditation and its practical application in daily life to aid and bring about positive change.

Other achievements include a black belt in Japanese Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu) and the Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won. He is proficient in the spiritual disciplines of China having studied for many years under the guidance of Bo Ou Mander, including Tai Chi, Qi Gong and the legendary form of Yi Jin Jing.

Please enjoy this video where Martin is Speaking about his books and life journey on Phoenixmasonry.

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