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The Spirit of Magic

Rediscovering the Heart of Our Sacred Art

By Virgil




Virgil is a long term practitioner of the esoteric arts including IIH (Initiation into Hermetics) by Franz Bardon, and has an eclectic knowledge various practices within this field of exploration.


The Spirit of Magic is a book written for all aspiring magicians who have just begun walking the road toadepthood. The author, along-time practitioner of Franz Bardon’s system of magic, addresses many of the questions about magic floating in the minds of beginning students, gives numerous helpful tips and hints for advancing safely and steadily, and warns against the most common pitfalls and distractions. If you are considering undergoing magical training or have recently begun your training, this book was written for you. Through its pages, you will come to a clear understanding of the art of magic and grasp the inner inspiration that flows through its heart.

This book is truly unique. In a world where genuine magic has become diluted, corrupted, and distorted by ignorance, greed, laziness, and arrogance, Virgil provides a serious yet engaging exposition of the true nature of the sacred art. In doing so, he begins the process of redeeming the art and restoring it to its rightful status as a powerful tool for blessing society, dissolving suffering, and filling the world with joy.

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“Many years ago, I stumbled upon a book while browsing through a bookstore in Pittsburgh. My favorite color is sky-blue, and it was the sky-blue color of the book’s cover that caught my eye. The book turned out to be about paranormal phenomena, and the chapters covered a wide range of topics – everything from faith healing, to cryptozoology, to angel hair, to skyquakes, to flying saucers. It was the chapter on ESP that intrigued me the most. I was fascinated by the idea that the human mind, through training or natural talent, could accomplish amazing feats that modern science could not explain. My interest in that topic and my decision to pursue that interest led me down a long path. Over the next six years or so, I read numerous books on occultism, experimented with Solomonic evocation, studied the Qabalah, became proficient in Tarot reading, hand-built a working temple and a complete set of ritual tools, worked through two courses on ceremonial magic, and discussed these subjects enthusiastically with anyone who would listen. At some point, I began to tire of this. I went through a dark period in my life and the difficulties I faced during that time, as well as the fact that I had no one to turn to, forced me to introspect and examine myself in order to figure out what I needed to do in order to move forward. I ended up getting rid of my magical tools and my books, and relegating occultism to a thing of my past.   

About three years later, I stumbled upon the early writings of William Mistele by chance and was introduced to the works of Franz Bardon. While reading through IIH the very first time, many things clicked, and I immediately began to see why I had made no progress along my magical path previously, despite my enthusiasm and dedication to the art. The whole book resonated well with me. Furthermore, because the system was so different from anything I had practiced before in terms of its style, purpose, and inner source of inspiration, I could work through it without feeling like I was returning to my messy and dark past. The powerful and easily visible positive effects that conscious breathing, conscious eating, and the magic of water had on my life helped me regain my faith in magic. The next few years of my life were spent unlearning much of what I had learned before and making a fresh start. By becoming an empty cup, I was able to take in all the lessons and benefits, both obvious and subtle, Bardon had woven into every exercise of his system. My views on magic, its nature, and its purpose changed drastically throughout this period as I began working my way through the steps of IIH. The most important lessons I learned during this time, I have collected together and will publish in an upcoming book.

Currently, as far as magic is concerned, my main source of new information is my own research; in other words, my own direct experience working on the inner planes and interacting with their inhabitants. The focus of my research is the air element, and at the present moment, I converse often with Apilki, Capisi, and a familiar spirit given to me by Capisi to help me master a certain magical technique she has taught me. I consider the three of them to be my best friends and teachers in that regard. The element of air has a balancing and harmonizing property. Having grown up in an unbalanced and chaotic environment, I am particularly interested in how the air element can be applied magically to heal such environments, as well as to influence peace negotiations and other situations in which a harmonious atmosphere can lead to a significantly more favorable outcome. In addition, I am also interested in and study methods of enhancing the effectiveness of the self-transformation techniques contained in the first two steps of IIH, in particular, autosuggestion and the magic of water. ‘


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