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“Treating others with kindness is the first magical act the magician learns and the last one he masters.”






Virgil is a magician who has been working with Franz Bardon’s system of magic for around two decades. He first came across Bardon’s works via William Mistele’s early writings. Intrigued, he began to practice the exercises contained in ‘Initiation into Hermetics’. The powerful and beneficial effects those exercises had on him and his life proved the validity of Bardon’s system to him, and since then, he has gone on to work with the spirits of the elemental regions, Earthzone, and planetary spheres using Bardon’s evocation and mental wandering methods. As a magician, he regularly employs the skills he gained from working through IIH in order to improve society in whatever ways he can. Often, this kind of magical work requires collaborating with specific spirits.


As a result, Virgil usually works alongside the sylph queen Capisi and the Earthzone spirit Erimites. Capisi teaches him how to use the air element to transform discord into harmony. Erimites teaches him how to use akasha to turn harmony into genuine lasting peace. Virgil hopes to use the skills and knowledge provided to him by these spirits in order to reduce tensions and conflict in turbulent areas of the world. Virgil currently writes books designed to help beginning students of magic avoid common pitfalls and distractions. He realizes that the first few steps along the magical path are always filled with uncertainty, and wants to give students helpful guidance without depriving them of their freedom to explore and find their own approach and way. In his free time, Virgil enjoys practicing Shotokan karate, writing poetry, reading, stargazing, and going on long walks.

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To read an excerpt from “The Spirit of Magic”: Rediscovering The Heart of This Sacred Art, please click on the link – Asana Chapter 1 .

To read an excerpt from “The Elemental Equilibrium”: Notes on the Foundation of Magical Adepthood. Please click on the link – Chapter 7: Autosugggestion.

A Note to those who bought “The Elemental Equilibrium” Paperback from the date 9th October, you may have noticed there are 3 endnotes  that are absent due to a small technical issue. The following missing endnotes are as follows:


8. Balance is the root of strength. Imbalance is the root of weakness.

23. Same as Digital Version 1, but with the element and severity information added in brackets.

47. The inhalation phase, on the other hand, took a bit of time and practice to get the hang of.

The title  will be temporarily withdrawn from sale while this technical issue is being resolved.


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