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Hermetic Hour – Frater Thabion discusses Franz Bardon’s three Books

An informative insight into Franz Bardon’s teachings  where Frater Thabion discusses the Three books of Bardon. Initiation in Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and the Key to the True Kabbalah.

Interestingly, we learn  how Bardon bridges the gap between Eastern and Western esoteric knowledge, from Indian, Tibetian and Western  to formulate a complete system for  spiritual development.

The Hermetic Hour presents a lecture on the magick of Franz Bardon, the 20th-century European alchemist and magician. Bardon was the author of three books on magick, and one semi-autobiographical novel. His Eastern style methods of training, owing much to raja and tantric yoga, have had a considerable influence on modern Western practice. We will discuss each of his three books in sequence; where his information came from, and what his philosophy was. You will learn about “fluid condensers,” “volts,” “elementals,” magnetic and electric fluids, and magick mirrors. His debt to P. B. Randolph will be mentioned. We will discuss the origins of his myriads of spirits, the way he derived his sigils, his unique concept of Kabbalah. Bardon’s background as a professional hypnotist, alchemist and healer will be compared to his mundane life and problems.

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