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Falcon Books is a truly global, being the first British publishing house based in Taiwan.  We have a dynamic team of people working with us sharing knowledge and information.  Our authors are also based globally. We also now have interviews translated into Portuguese for South American readers to appreciate.
Falcon Books works in conjunction with other businesses to enrich and share the knowledge we all have to offer. Please view our Partners below:

 Dr. David Harrison – Historian/Author/Speaker

Dr. D. Harrison at Grand Lodge Quatuor Coronati Lodge (Photo by Martin Faulks, May 2017).

Falcon Books Guest Podcast Speaker

Dr. David Harrison is a Masonic historian and leading academic expert on the study of Freemasonry. He successfully defended his PhD on the origins and development of English Freemasonry at the University of Liverpool in 2008, the thesis being published the following year by Lewis Masonic. He has since gone on to write eight books and has lectured at the University of Liverpool and Hope University. Harrison has also worked as an archaeologist.

To find out more about David and Masonry please visit his blog  and website.


 Rostik Balash – Designer/Illustrator

Falcon Books In-House Designer

Rostik is an experienced, talented professional freelance artist.  His work is diverse, including, concept art, book cover illustrations, web design and film production. Rostik has recently come onboard to assist with Falcon Books cover design.

Book Cover Design

He will produce original artwork for both book front and back covers, including professional 3d renderings, 3d animations, design, sketches and storyboard for each project stories.

 Website Design

 Perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. design and create anything from character walk cycles to in-game cut scenes. looping animations that can be embedded into a variety of different websites, forums and blogs. He also produces gif art and logo animations for websites.

Film production

Rostik also assists in film productions and video effects and concrete, ready to be visually tested by others. His technical skills combined with the art of with the art of visualization will work for any project.

Sometimes it’s difficult to convert creativity into something tangible and concrete, ready to be visually tasted by others. My technical skills combined with the art of visualization will work for your project …words are weak but your visual ideas can last forever I will: bring your music to life with unique animations. produce explainer videos that are clear and very professional.

~Rostik Balash

To find out more about Rostik please visit his Contact and  Youtube Channel.

Rudolf  (Gnothi Seauton) – Owner/Podcast Host of Thoth-Hermes

Rudolf (Gnothi Seauton) is the producer and host of Thoth-Hermes Podcast and Website.

He has been interested in the world of occultism and esotericism for almost three decades. A Freemason for 24 years, also member of the Scottish Rite, his first interest in esoteric sciences came about when reading books by Rudolf Steiner. Later, after experiences in Shamanism, Theosophy and Ritual Magic, he broadened his knowledge and personal involvement to many fields of the Western Tradition.

Today he calls himself a “gnostic hermeticist” with a very strong link to ceremonial magic. Authors Franz Bardon and Emil Stejnar have influenced his search and work greatly, and he stays open to discover and explore new knowledge and experiences. Fields of special interest are also Sacred Geometry and the implication of sound and music in the occult arts. He is working the Art mostly as a solitary worker but maintains links to several occult groups.

Rudolf/Gnothi lives in Austria close to its capital Vienna, and can also be heard as Greg Kaminsky’s co-host on the famous “Occult of Personality” podcast. You can find Rudolf/Gnothi on the following the links: Contact, Facebook, Twitter.

Lucas Augusto – Translator/Author

Translator of Falcon Books Interviews

Lucas has a degree in languages and is currently translating the Falcon Books interviews with Franz Bardon Practitioners into Portuguese, his native language and lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

He began writing poems and stories at the age of 15 and has subsequently published two titles in Portuguese, The Young Poet and Pure Essence. Also since this time, his interests and studies of occultism and esotericism began. Due  to his interests, he became aware of Falcon Books Blog which led him on to this task, to quote:

 I decided to translate these interviews because I noticed some of the Brazilian Facebook’s groups,  appeared to be a void of true Magick, i.e  the developing of body, mind and soul with compassion and love. People in Brazil seem more worried about obtaining money and a person’s love from Magick, rather than knowledge and wisdom. In my opinion, the main reason for this is due to the fact we do not have any examples of true adepts to draw from and reading these interviews from advanced pracitioners can help a lot.

Most people here don’t believe in Bardon’s work, they respect it, but say is fantasy or impossible without even trying to apply the steps. However, when we read other magician’s works we realise that ‘Initiation into Hermetics’ (IIH) is a really well-made encyclopaedia of training, a door, a gold door. In my opinion, IIH is not a system of Magick, but a system to life. And again, reading tips from these interviews are important.

~ Lucas Augusto

To find more about Lucas, please follow his a personal Blog, and Facebook. To read Falcon Books interviews with Franz Bardon Practitioners in Portuguese please view Blog.

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