Hermetic Meditation IIH (Initiation Into Hermetics)

Exploring the Fire Element through ‘The Sea of Fire Exercise’ by Virgil


Preliminary Comments and Warnings

There are many ways of working magically with the fire element. You can pore breathe the element in and out of your astra-mental body like Bardon has you doing in Step 3 of IIH. You can work with the element in a circle via the techniques of ritual magic. You can also work with the element as it expresses itself in nature via exercises like the Sea of Fire exercise. Regardless of how you choose to work with the fire element magically, your soul and spirit end up interacting with the fire element in the process. This causes the “fiery” personality traits you possess to become enhanced and strengthened. Therefore, before doing any magical work with the fire element, it is imperative that you rid your personality of all negative fiery traits – irascibility, lustfulness, arrogance, etc. It is also advisable to develop positive fiery traits such as charisma, assertiveness, self-discipline, etc. Effective methods for carrying out this purification, balancing, and ennobling of one’s personality can be found in my upcoming book The Elemental Equilibrium: Notes on the Foundation of Magical Adepthood.


The Sea of Fire exercise was developed by William Mistele as a way of exploring the masculine mysteries. These mysteries relate to will, power, conviction, and action. The exercise consists of imagining an underground ocean of molten lava, merging your consciousness with this underground ocean of molten lava to get a taste of the fiery aspect of Divinity, and then analyzing some problem, task, or relationship through the perspective of the fiery aspect of Divinity.

One thing it’s important to know about the Sea of Fire exercise and the Sea of Love exercise is that they are magical exercises, as opposed to mere visualization exercises. Some people might think that if you are good at the Sea of Love exercise, you are automatically good at the Sea of Fire exercise, after all, both exercises involve visualizing a giant ocean of something. This would be true if they were mere visualization exercises, but again, they are magical exercises. As a result, both exercises involve a change in consciousness. The type of consciousness you find in a sea of watery love is not the same as the type of consciousness you find in a sea of fiery power. Therefore, just because you can easily and comfortably merge your consciousness with one does not mean you can easily and comfortably merge your consciousness with the other.

Most of the time, I practice magical exercises while sitting in my asana. Currently, I’m in a hotel in Toronto. Since all of the chairs are too low to sit comfortably in the Throne Posture, I’ve decided to sit cross-legged on the floor with my back leaning against the side of a bed. Upon doing this, I close my eyes, envision a giant underground sea of fire somewhere in the world, and extend the mental portion of my awareness into it.

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