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Book Review by Poke Runyon – ‘The Emerald Tablet’ by Martin Faulks

The Emerald Tablet by Martin FaulksBook Review by Hermetic Hour host Poke Runyon.

Poke Runyon:

 The Emerald Tablet by Martin Faulks from Faulks Books. The Emerald Tablet is only 84 pages, and follows upon Martin’s first publication The Universal Master Key (2013) (reviewed by the Hermetic Hour on March 26th, 2015).

Martin Faulks is an ardent Bardonian and The Emerald Tablet is a commentary on that ancient document from a Bardonian perspective. Martin brilliantly analyses each paragraph or aphorism of the Tablet in relation to the Four Hermetic Elements in a process of internal alchemy and the ascent and descent of the Holy Spirit on the Middle Pillar.

I have seen other commentaries on the Tablet, this is by far the best. It is internal rather than laboratory alchemy that Martin deals with in this book and that makes the whole process understandable. As we have often noted alchemy and cabbala do not make a good fit even though both are hermetic.

Martin has taken more of an internal transformative approach based on the four primal elements in spirit as did his mentor Franz Bardon in IIH (Initiation into Hermetics).

I believe the best way to explain this is to go through the Tablets  Smaragdina aphorism by aphorism and give a capsulized version of the commentary. I want to point out that this capsulized version is based on Martin Faulk’s interpretation but it is ours so be aware of that. So we are obviously seen Martin’s interpretation through our filters so I am not trying to put words in Martin’s mouth.

Let us go through the Emerald Tablet from start to finish and will capsulize in his own words.

 True without falsehood, certain and most true, that which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above. Know this to make the miracle of the one thing.

 Now this relates to the microcosm as a miniature of the macrocosm. It confirms the law of correspondences and affinities, it validates the principal of preforms. It establishes the magical formula of creation. As all things remain from the meditation of one mind, so all things are born of the one thing.

Now this is the nub of hermetic philosophy. The universe is the mind of God and any human being who realizes this can share in and connect to this universal mind. And once this connection is made anything is possible.

It’s Father is the Sun, it’s Mother is the Moon, the wind carries it in its womb. The earth is its nursemaid.

This refers to the four primal elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The tetragrammaton Based on the four letters leff mem and shin. Or as we interpret it Sha, Ahh, Ma and Ta. I don’t want to impose this Tetragrammaton on Martin, we did kind of be inspired by it from Bardon his mentor. Because Bardons IIH is really a commentary on the elemental Tetragrammaton, and those of you who have read Bardon’s IIH know that. Also I should mention the Samaritans who are actually older Jewish tradition than the Israelites. Every time time they see YHVH in the bible they pronounce it shama which is their version of the of the shama-atah. Which a as far as we are concerned is the true Tetragrammaton as Bardon says reflects the three other letters. And also I think Atsral Kaplin agreed with this and you may check this out as the Sefer Yetzirah

Now back on to the Emerald Tablet:  It is the creator of all works of wonder in the world.……….  and this of cause is the supreme magical formula. Separate thou from the earth, from Fire the subtle form the gross, With great effort, success will be assured.

Now this is the work of a magician to separate his spirit from material bonds, to purify himself to become God like.

Where the great wisdom ascends to earth from heaven and again it descends to earth and takes back the power from above to that which is below.

Now the magicians spirit ascends the planetary ladder in terms of traditional order purifying the aspects he received as his descent down from heaven. This replication of the birth and death process. Is the formula or program of his magical development and the schedule of his initiations.

This is where Martin Faulks completely agrees with us, the full middle pillar with all the charkras in the standard hermetic planetary order that we have described in our Hermetic Kilber book. Is the actual hermetic formula of ascent and descent. As far as I am concerned this is the high point of the book for me, because it is validating our reinterpretation of its original intended purpose, hermetic pyscho-centric system,

Thus you will receive the glory of the distinctiveness of the world all obscurity will flee from you. When you have mastered the spheres of your microcosm, you will then be at home in the greater macrocosm. This is the whole most whole strong strength of all strengths for it over comes all subtle things and penetrates all solid things an thus was this world created. From this comes marvelous adaptions on which this is the procedure.

The meaning of this is to believe is to conceive what can be imagined can be created. IF the human imagination is in harmony with the mind of God nothing is impossible. It makes me recall Hugh Benson’s Gods of Plagonn where everything was considered to be in the dreams of Gods of monomuchuni the Dreams of God. IF we can align ourselves up with Gods universal mind we can make our dreams come true.

Therefore I am called Hermes Trismegestus thrice greatest because I am three parts of the wisdom of the whole world and complete is what I have to say about the work of the sun.

Now Martin breaks down the three parts, the first part is nous, meaning awareness of God and of the self. The second part is logos, meaning rational speech, and the third part is gnosis, meaning knowledge of the hermetic arts and philosophy.

I have reduced Martins 82 page essay down to two pages. I strongly suggest you get the book read it and keep it as a treasure.

To find out more about Martin Faulks you can follow him on our Author Page to view other publications. Also catch up with him on his YouTube  and Facebook accounts.

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The Emerald Tablet by Martin Faulks

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