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Stories of Magic and Enchantment

by William Mistele


 “To have another by your side who is with you and who feels all that you feel — is this not the greatest mystery of life?”

~William Mistele

This book is called Stories of Magic & Enchantment for two reasons: Magic is science that operates according to laws we have not yet discovered. And enchantment occurs naturally when you refine and intensify pleasure converting it into bliss, ecstasy, and perhaps a little rapture. In such a state, the soul is free to dream any dream.

 My job is to deliver to you, stories about wonder and beauty lurking at the edge of your life that look forward to making your acquaintance.

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In these stories, individuals realize that daily life and ordinary consciousness contain additional levels of awareness. And with this multidimensional awareness comes the discovery that we are free to become whatever we wish to be.

Come travel into the realms of fairy tales and mythology where we shall meet angels, demons, mermaids, gnomes, trees that speak, elves, dragons, spirits of the wind who appear as young women, and people from the far past and the distant future.

Though varied in time and location, these stories are a magic crystal ball. As we gaze upon it, we find our own answers to the questions,

  • What is missing from life?

  • What is it to be fully alive?

  • How do we make choices that enable us to become the person we are meant to be?

  • And what part do we as the human race choose to play in the unfolding of the universe?

The author is a student of global archetypes and a traveler into many spiritual realms. He shares these stories with us in order to reveal the deepest mysteries of the heart.


“I was born in Detroit, Michigan.  My parents were extraordinarily dynamic.  They were patrons of all the major Christian evangelists in the United States.   They had contact with many political and business leaders.  When it came to motor boats, sailboats, planes, and cars, they either set new records or owned some of the most famous ones in the world.

In this enchanting environment, you could come down to breakfast in the morning and meet a house guest like Captain Fuchida who led the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  You could hear the Captain and my mother discussing previously undisclosed details about the causes of World War II.

However, surrounded as I was by relatives who were masters of engineering, business enterprise, law, and accounting, I pursued a different path.

I graduated from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois with a BA in philosophy and a minor in economics.  At that time, I began studying esoteric, oral traditions. In genuine mythology, individuals come into contact with the creative powers of the human spirit.  Words and language possess a symbolic and imaginative quality that is magical.  To understand an idea is to experience it from within.  This involves a life-long, transforming journey–if you change the self, you change the world.

As part of my field research, I lived in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Berkeley, California.  I next studied Hopi Indian culture and language at the University of Arizona where I received a Masters degree in linguistics.   At that time I became the only accepted student of a Hopi Indian shaman.

 While living in Tucson, Arizona I began studying the Western hermetic traditions and the nature religions of Wiccans and Druids.  I worked with a number of extremely gifted psychics and parapsychologists whose primary focus was on experimentation and research.  I also practiced evocation with a Sufi master.

I then moved to Hawaii in 1982.  There I studied with the relocated abbot of a Taoist monastery that existed for over two thousand years in China, a Vietnamese Zen master, and one of the foremost Tai Chi Chuan masters of China.

 Since 1975, I have been a steadfast student of the system of initiation taught by the Czech magician, Franz Bardon, who died in the fifties. This system has provided the methods for contacting nature spirits and interacting with them in a personal and original manner.  Franz Bardon’s mission was to offer a system of self-initiation that maximizes the spiritual powers and creativity of the individual.

Over the years I have worked as a group facilitator and a mediator in family and divorce mediation.  I have taught as a civilian instructor for the U.S. Navy and marines.  I have researched investing strategies for individuals’ portfolios.  I am also a life long student researching strategies for resolving international conflicts.

I consider myself a spiritual anthropologist.  Expanding on Bardon’s purposes, I am integrating into his system the wisdom of all traditions.  To this end, I have created a new genre of modern fairy tales.  These stories are not about belief or faith but direct experience.  They open gates to other realms where we discover the keys to what is missing from life.

In 1998, I created a teaching website where I post my research and writings.  This site currently offers a free correspondence course and on-going seminar for developing undine empathy.  I am also establishing an archive on this site that gathers individuals’ experiences with undines from around the world.  The goal is to expand and add clarity to the body of world literature in this area.”

 ~ William R. Mistele


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Undines Lessons from the Realm of the Water Spirits

Undines—from the Latin root unda, which means “wave”— are water elementals or spirits of the water world. Like their fellow elementals—salamanders (fire), sylphs (air), and gnomes (earth)—undines are united with and personify their element. First mentioned in the alchemical works of medieval botanist Paracelsus, undines appear throughout European folklore. Who are these mysterious creatures of lakes, oceans, and waterfalls?

Undines take readers directly into the water spirits’ realm through stories, personal encounters, and interviews with such luminaries as Istiphul, the undine queen whose presence embodies the magical essence of the feminine. Whether seen as fact or fairy tale, Undines presents archetypal truths and insights into human nature. The powers and abilities that undines display are latent in us all and crucial to humanity’s evolution (or mere survival): harmony with nature, empathy and compassion, a deep capacity to love, and a cooperative rather than a combative relationship to the world. Undines will appeal broadly to readers of mythology, fantasy, and fairy tales, particularly to practitioners that work with nature spirits and elemental beings—Druids, Wiccans, pagans, and those interested in magic and mysticism.

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Although the spirit beings of the four elements of nature have been represented in literature, religion, and folk tales, descriptions of these creatures have been vague, and direct experience with them is quite rare. Yet each of the four elemental kingdoms offers great gifts to humanity, if we are willing to recognize that the psychological and spiritual qualities they embody are already inherent in human nature.

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Mermaids dwell in the oceans, lakes, and rivers. They offer love and sharing, a sense of wonder, beauty, and innocence. Sylphs roam the sky; they represent harmony, balance, and the attainment of freedom. Gnomes live underground. Their quiet inner wisdom banishes depression and sorrow. Salamanders dwell in volcanoes and vast caverns of magma beneath the earth. They offer the power of intense heat to refine, transform, and integrate. Who are these mysterious creatures of water, air, earth, and fire? Author William Mistele has devoted a significant portion of his life to finding out.

Addressing the perennial questions Why are we here? What is the deepest purpose of life? What are our options? Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes, and Salamanders takes the reader directly into the realms of these spirits, telling stories from their perspective. Weaving together fairy tales and poems, thoughtful analysis, and meditative exercises, Mistele illuminates the qualities these beings have mastered and humanity must begin to embrace: empathy, an inner peace with the universe, a divine level of sensuality, and a love that is everywhere in every moment.

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