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An Analysis of William Mistele’s Beatitudes, by Virgil

(The list of Beatitudes are to be found in an excerpt from William R. Mistele’s  New release: Stories of Enchantment and Magic).

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Bill likes to write his own beatitudes. For some people, these beatitudes are just quaint and poetic statements. For me, they contain profound insights into the nature of magical training in the Bardon system. In this article, I explain how this is the case by commenting on seven of Bill’s original eight beatitudes. I have intentionally skipped over the seventh one for reasons that will become apparent in a few months.

(#1) Blessed are those who trust, for they have entered the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are a number of exercises in IIH that teach you how to trust. Visualization, conscious eating, and conscious breathing are some of them.

Let’s say you are trying to visualize a chocolate chip cookie in front of you. The first step toward success is to trust that the cookie is in front of you. Once you have learned to trust that the cookie is in front of you, you then work to see the cookie. Learning to see the cookie is easier once you trust that it is really in front of you. Once you learn to see the cookie, you are “visualizing” it. Make sense? Probably not, but think about it and try it out. The first step towards successfully visualizing something in front of you is to trust that it is in front of you.

Visualization is not only a powerful magical technique in its own right, but an essential part of many other more powerful and advanced magical techniques. Those magical techniques are the techniques you will use to make society a better place; in other words, to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is one reason Bill says that those who trust have entered the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s because the power of their trust has allowed them to build the Kingdom of Heaven up around themselves and their loved ones.

When you practice conscious eating, you impregnate the food with the positive trait you want to develop. You then trust that the food is the positive trait while you are eating it. Some might say that this is not a matter of trust, but of belief. In other words, you firmly believe that the food you are eating is the positive trait. This is true; however, oftentimes belief starts with trust. Thus, while it is the power of belief that reinforces the impregnation of the food, you achieve this state of belief by first achieving a state of trust. Trust is gentle, while belief is strong and even forceful. Still, they are equally sacred. Since they are related, trust can be used to transition into belief.

(#2) Blessed are those who pass through their inner darkness without fear or shame, for they shall attain freedom.

The soul mirror exercise is where the student of magic begins this process. The concept of inner darkness is profound, and numerous books could be written on the subject. You’ll be working with your inner darkness throughout your initial magical training. Passing through your inner darkness is a long journey, but as the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The first step is the creation of the black soul mirror.

When you create your black soul mirror, you must do so “without fear or shame.” Many people don’t introspect because they are afraid of what they will discover about themselves. They might find that they are not as grand, flawless, or virtuous as they thought. With many magical endeavors, you need to put your heart in the work if you are to succeed. You can’t put your heart in the work of introspection if you are afraid to, because your fear will keep you from learning anything important. Thus, when you begin the work of introspecting, knowing yourself, and creating your black soul mirror, you must do so without fear.

You must do so without shame too. When you examine yourself, you must do so objectively. If you are ashamed at what you find when you introspect, you are clearly not being objective. There is emotional involvement in the process, and the resulting emotional turbulence can destroy the clarity of mind needed to analyze your findings after introspecting.

Your negative traits enslave you and keep you from fulfilling your highest potential in life. To be free of them, you must first known and understand them. This involves analyzing the dark side of your personality, or, to put it more poetically, “passing through it.” Once you’ve done this, you can begin the self-transformation work that will free you from your negative traits.

(#3) Blessed are those who find the divine within themselves, for they shall create peace and justice shall fill the Earth.

The process of finding the divine within yourself extends throughout the entirety of your magical training. This process begins with identifying your positive traits when creating the white soul mirror because these traits are reflections of the divine within you. When you master depth-point meditation, you hit a major milestone in your journey to discover the divine within yourself. When you do discover the divine within yourself, you also discover the will of Divinity and gain access to the power of Divinity. Thus, you realize that it is the will of Divinity that peace and justice be established on the Earth, and you are empowered to help make this happen. In the Book of Isaiah, it is written “And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” In the Book of Deuteronomy, it is written “Justice and only justice shall you pursue.”

(#4) Blessed are those who become one with another without hesitation or limitation, for what they dream shall come into being.

When you learn to become one with another in Step 4, you are well on your way to learning to become one with Divinity in Steps 9 and 10. When you become one with Divinity, then what you dream shall indeed come into being. In some traditions of Hinduism, it is taught that the universe is Vishnu’s dream, and that anything that exists in the universe only exists because he has dreamed it into being.

(#5) Blessed are those whose minds are as clear and pure as the sky, for their peace shall be as a sea that has no shores and as a stream that flows from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity.

In Step 1, the fourth mental exercise is to empty your mind of all thoughts like a cloudless sky. When you learn to do this, you will have gained great mental discipline. This is conducive to true inner peace because the endless chattering and jumping around of the monkey mind is one thing inner peace is not. Mastery of VOM is also a prerequisite for depth-point meditation. When you enter an akashic trance via depth-point meditation, you become one with the point. This point is immovable and cannot be shaken. Therefore, it is always at peace. Furthermore, this point and its corresponding state of consciousness transcend time and space. Thus, despite being a single point, it stretches “from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity.”

(#6) Blessed are those who transform conflict into harmony and malice into nobility, for they shall have the keys to the kingdom and nothing shall be hidden from them.

Part of the process of establishing a true elemental equilibrium is to rid your personality of its malicious traits. Some of these traits (irascibility, greed, vengefulness, etc.) will be malicious toward others because they cause you to hurt other people. Some of these traits (disorganization, laziness, stupidity, etc.) will be malicious towards yourself because they will cause you to harm yourself in some way. You rid yourself of these traits by transforming them into their opposite positive traits. Thus, you transform irascibility into patience, greed into generosity, disorganization into organization, stupidity into intelligence, etc. When you do this, you have made your soul much nobler. Those magicians who understand the symbolism of the divine king, his sacrifice, and his knights will see what I mean by this.

The more pure your soul and spirit are, the better your clairvoyance will be. If your soul and spirit are completely pure, you will possess perfect clairvoyance and nothing will be hidden from you.

(#8) Blessed are those who let go and flow as each moment unfolds, for they shall see through the eyes of God.

Some people hold on to their regrets of the past or to their worries about the future. When you learn to let those regrets and worries go, you can truly begin living in the present. The present moment in time is the point at which the future and past meet. There is also a point where fire meets water and air meets earth. These two points are the same. On the Cross of Equilibrated Forces, this is the point where akasha is located. Akasha mediates the will of Divine Providence into the created universe, and thus, it is via akasha that we can access Divinity and see the world from the perspective of Divinity.

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